New International Education Resource: Data Management Training Module Now Available


The Global/International Cancer Surveillance education resources portal has an extensive variety of educational content.

This training is part of a project where NAACCR has worked with Jennifer Seiffert and Tracy King (CommPartners, InspirEd) to convert the existing TEPHINET/CDC training into an e-learning product accessible through the internet and suitable for individual self-study in low-to-middle income countries.

Data Sources and Data Collection

The first module, titled Principles of Cancer Registries: Data Sources and Data Collection, presents in a modernized format, methods for evaluating the quality of cancer registry data. The units in this module cover principles of data quality, comparability, validity, timeliness, completeness, qualitative and quantitative methods, and a case study for practice.

Assessing Data Quality

In the second module, titled Principles of Cancer Registries: Assessing Data Quality, users will gain an overview of the protocols and standards needed to collect and classify high-quality cancer registry data that can be compared to other worldwide data.

Data Management

NAACCR posted the latest third training module of the Principles of Cancer Registries series titled Data Management. This course includes important concepts for managing the Cancer Registry data, including an orderly multi-step workflow that focuses on data accuracy, the use of appropriate software, and recommended procedures for securing the data from threats and unauthorized use. Although the course emphasis is cancer surveillance in low- and middle-income countries, the general principles covered are applicable worldwide.

You just need to set up a MyNAACCR account. Visit the NAACCR international portal for more information.

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