Spring 2023

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David O’Brien of Alaska Cancer Registry on Succession Planning

Even cancer registries need to have a succession plan in place. You are a cancer registry manager, and your data…


Meet Our New Ohio Registry Manager, Emily Bunt

Join us in welcoming Bunt to the NAACCR community. Member: Emily Bunt Organization: Ohio Department of Health Role: Registry Manager…


NAACCR’s Spring 2023 Update for Research and Data Use

NAACCR Program Manager of Data Use and Research, Recinda Sherman, provides updates for CiNA data products, Call for Data, and…


Revamping CNS Tumor Reporting for Accuracy

Documenting brain and other central nervous system tumors requires certain nuances to remain accurate.


Massachusetts Cancer Registry Releases Updated Childhood Cancer Report

The latest report on childhood cancer in Massachusetts spans from 2009 to 2018. The Massachusetts Cancer Registry (MCR) is pleased…


Wyoming Cancer Surveillance System: A Succesful Interstate Data Exchange Project

A closer look at Wyoming Cancer Surveillance Program’s 2021 NPCR Success Story and its partnership with the neighboring Utah Cancer…