NAACCR Special Edition of Journal of Registry Management


We are delighted to continue our collaboration with NCRA on the Annual NAACCR Special Edition of the Journal of Registry Management (JRM). The 4th Annual Special Edition was published on-line February 1, 2024. This edition contains two editorials, a short report, the winning posters from the NAACCR Annual Conference in New Orleans, and five research articles. The Special Edition is an excellent opportunity for NAACCR members to publish their work and ideas. In addition to research focused articles, we encourage “How I Did It” type submissions focused on both operations and data use and Editorials.

This year’s publication contains two editorials–one focuses on ethical issues related to data collection and the other states the need to capture screening methods to better support breast cancer research. The short report is on the California Patient Contact database. The five scientific articles include a description of a new rare cancer recode (which is the subject of the Continuing Education Quiz), an assessment of HPV in scrotal squamous cell carcinomas, a description of the Panama mortality-based cancer registry. There are also two articles from the New York Cancer Registry which address using residential history to inform life-course as well as using LexisNexis to improve Social Security information.

The call for papers for next year’s Special Edition is open now, with a closing deadline of October 8, 2024. The link above also provides basic information about submissions and general author instructions.

You have nine months before the next submissions for the NAACCR Special Edition of the JRM are due. The NAACCR Special Edition provides an opportunity for NAACCR members to showcase their work in either research and data use or operations. Information on submission, as well as our latest issue.

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