Gonçalo Forjaz

Gonçalo Forjaz is a veterinarian with more than 15 years of experience in cancer registration and descriptive epidemiology. In 2007, he established the Azores Cancer Registry, Portugal. For ten years, he dedicated himself full-time to developing the Registry and collecting data to attain high-quality, comparable data. In 2016, Gonçalo moved to the US to conduct research at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), first as a Fulbright Scholar (2016/2017) and then as an ORISE Research Fellow (2017/2021). Gonçalo is currently a Principal Research Associate at Westat and a contractor for NCI’s Surveillance Research Program, where he works with a multidisciplinary team on various health research projects, including Cancer PathCHART and the International Childhood Cancer Partnership. Gonçalo earned his DVM degree in 2003 and his master’s degree in Human Oncology in 2006. He is also a Certified Oncology Data Specialist since 2020.


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