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Randi Rycroft, MSPH, CTR
NAACCR President



Greetings to the NAACCR Community! This is my first message to all of you as your new President and I am very excited to serve in this role. This has been a big year of change for me – I officially retired from my job as the Director of the Colorado Central Cancer Registry, moved to Boise, Idaho and started a new chapter and adventure as Registry Manager for the Cancer Data Registry of Idaho. And now, NAACCR President – all within a span of 6 months. I do love a challenge…

I trust everyone is still digesting all the information you took home from this year’s combined NAACCR/IACR conference. The host city and venue were outstanding, and NAACCR continues to receive very positive comments about the content and how smoothly everything ran. Conference photos, posters, and slides are posted on the NAACCR website on the NAACCR/IACR Combined Annual Conference 2019 page. I would like to personally congratulate our Constance Percy Award winners this year: Chris Johnson (ID) and Bruce Riddle (NH). Both are more than deserving of this honor for their contributions to this organization. And it is not too early to be thinking about nominations for next year’s awards for the Calum Muir Award and Constance Percy Award. We all know at least one person who is also deserving of these honors.

I would like to also acknowledge and thank our outgoing Board member for her service: Deirdre Rogers (MS), Representative at Large. Deirdre served two terms as a Representative at Large and was a dynamic member of the Board and liaison to the Professional Development Steering Committee. Thank you, Deirdre!

The most important thank you goes to Nan Stroup (NJ), out-going President who now serves in the role of Past President. Nan continues to be a great mentor, sharing her wisdom and lessons learned from her various roles in NAACCR. And Nan delivered a brilliant and moving reflection at the end of the conference. I sincerely hope it was captured on video because everyone should see it to be inspired and re-energized around the work we do.

I am privileged to already know many of you in the NAACCR Community and I look forward to meeting many more during my time as President. I would love to hear from you if you have ideas for NAACCR or the cancer registry profession in general, or you just want to say hello. The strength of NAACCR comes from the innovative and creative ideas of its members. Each of you has the ability to make NAACCR even stronger through your participation in committees, work groups, and task forces where you can share your ideas. Whatever your area of interest or expertise, NAACCR has a place for you, and I – or any other NAACCR Board member – would be happy to help you find that place.




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