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Randi Rycroft, MSPH, CTR

NAACCR President



Hello from smokin’ hot Boise, Idaho! We just concluded a stretch of over 100-degree days which I am hopeful are over for the year. And the gift of 2020 keeps on giving – COVID hot-spots aside, Boise is still experiencing aftershocks from the 6.5 magnitude earthquake Idaho experienced in March. The original quake and this latest aftershock have permanently altered the peaks of the Sawtooth mountains. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries.


All the forces of 2020 have not deterred NAACCR from continuing its work. First, I would like to congratulate our new Board members who officially took office in June! Winny Roshala will serve as President-Elect and we have two newly elected Representatives at Large: Monique Hernandez from Florida Cancer Data System and Mary Jane King from Cancer Care Ontario; Angela Meisner from New Mexico Tumor Registry was re-elected. The continuing Board members are Maria Schymura (NY), Treasurer; Isaac Hands (KY), Rep at Large; Lorraine Shack (AB, Canada), and Kevin Ward, Rep at Large (GA). Lori Swain from NCRA seamlessly transitioned from her elected position as Sponsoring Member Organization Representative to an Advisory Board Member per our newly adopted bylaws. For our next round of elections, please consider running for the Board. We have a newly formed Nominating Committee — April Austin (NY), Chair; Deb Hurley (SC); and Kim Vriends (PEI, Canada) — who may be reaching out to you!


I trust most of you were able to attend the virtual annual conference in June. We had record attendance from many countries and from audiences we do not ordinarily reach. We were thrilled to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback. I’m sure we all prefer to meet in person, but June was an incredible success under the circumstances. Plans are just beginning for the annual conference in Palm Springs next year – what it will finally look like is anyone’s guess at this point but rest assured, NAACCR will find a way to bring you the highest quality content possible.


Finally, NAACCR forges ahead with developing a new Strategic Management Plan (SMP) covering 2021-2026. I hope each of you had the opportunity to complete the SMP survey – your feedback is important to us as we develop the new strategic plan which will guide our organization over the next five years. If you did not have the opportunity to complete the survey and you have some thoughts to share about the future direction of NAACCR, please feel free to reach out to me directly and I can share them with the Strategic Management Plan Work Group.


Until the next NAACCR Narrative, I wish all of you continued health and safety and smooth sailing especially as we move into data submission season. As we navigate the last four months of the year, I leave you with something I heard recently — “I’m going to stay up on New Year’s Eve, not to ring in the new year, but to make sure this one leaves!”





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