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Randi Rycroft, MSPH, CTR

NAACCR President


XML has Arrived!!


<?xml version=”1.3″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> XML has arrived!! </sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> The new NAACCR file exchange standard takes effect January 1, 2021. </sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> Most of you will see no change in your day to day work. </sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> File sizes may be larger, but your database management system can consume the XML files just fine. </sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> What many of you still may be concerned about is how to manage your other operations using files in XML format. </sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> Do you perform file pre-processing before loading them into your database?</sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> There’s a tool for that! </sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> Do you export data to analyze it with SAS, R, Microsoft Access, or other software tools?</sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> There’s a tool for that too! </sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> Actually, you will find we have several XML tools to help us with our operations.</sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> The NCI SEER program has created several tools, two of which you will find extremely valuable for your pre-processing needs: SEER*Abs and
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFile*Pro (formerly called SEER Data Viewer). </sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> The NPCR has created XML Exchange Plus, another powerful option for working with XML files outside your central registry database.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> Finally, check out github.com/imsweb/naaccr-xmo/wiki — here you will find documentation and yet another utility tool. </sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> The github site may be a bit more techie-oriented, but valuable information nonetheless. </sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> Find all these links on the NAACCR website: https://www.naaccr.org/xml-data-exchange-standard/#Software </sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> Now here is what the entire NAACCR community needs from you. </sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> If you’ve figured some stuff out, share your ‘How I Do It’ tips and tricks with everyone. </sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> Send questions and any specific registry operations use-cases you’re struggling with to the XML Workgroup. </sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> Let NAACCR know what training you need. </sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> We can put together webinars or short video tutorials. </sentence>
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<sentence> That’s one of the things I love about cancer registry — you can literally learn something new every single day! </sentence>




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