CROS Task Force SEEKS Canadian Representatives


In the 2022 Fall edition of the NAACCR Narrative, we shared exciting news about a project aimed at reviewing and revising the NAACCR Standards for Completeness, Quality, Analysis, Management, Confidentiality and Security of Data (formerly known as Volume III).

Since then, significant progress has been made. In 2023 the Standardization and Registry Development Steering Committee (S&RD SC) approved the charter for the Central Registry Operations Standards (CROS) Task Force (TF). The TF is made up of  five subgroups (Access to Source Data and Completeness of Reporting; Data Quality Assurance; Data Analysis; Data Management; Security and Confidentiality), that include representatives from NCI SEER, CDC NPCR, and NAACCR staff. Each subgroup includes experts from central registries and NAACCR Steering Committees.

Currently, the subgroups are meeting once or twice a month to review the current material. The next steps will be adding existing material created by NAACCR Working Groups and Task Forces, and creating new material.

The CROS TF is soliciting Canadian volunteers to join our project to ensure that the Canadian Cancer Registries’ practices are included. The level of involvement can vary depending on the member’s availability. If you or one of your colleagues from Canada would like to join us, please consider participating in the TF and contact me.

2022 Fall edition of the NAACCR Narrative

NAACCR Standards for Completeness, Quality, Analysis, Management, Confidentiality and Security of Data

If you are interested please click the button below to contact me.

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