The NAACCR 2024 Election Is Now Open


The NAACCR 2024 Election is now open. For 2024 NAACCR balloting, there are four open positions: President-Elect (1), and Representatives-At-Large positions (3); also there are 3 positions for the Nominating Committee. Voting Ballots have been sent via email to Organizational Voting Delegates. We realize that NAACCR members serve on a variety of committees and working groups and may not be familiar with all the candidates. The Nominating Committee has developed a Meet the Candidates page which provides an opportunity for NAACCR members in each registry to discuss the candidates and make recommendations to the voting delegate of that registry. The Nominating Committee believes an excellent set of candidates has stepped up to run for election this year. Many thanks to all nominees for agreeing to run. Voting closes on February 16th.

Eric Durbin

Carolyn Bancroft
Lori Koch
Lihua Liu
Valerie Somma
Katrina Swett

Nominating Committee
Andrea Sipin-Baliwas
Lucinda Ham
Mona Highsmith

View Meet the Candidates

See who is running for the 2024 NAACCR Positions.

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