Share Your Thoughts at NAACCR’s Strategic Plan Town Hall


NAACCR’s Strategic Management Plan Work Group (SMP WG) will be holding a Town Hall on Wednesday, March 27, from 3-4 ET to discuss the new Strategic Plan for 2024-2027 and solicit valuable feedback from central registries. NAACCR has had a Strategic Management Plan (SMP) with regular updates since 2011. NAACCR steering committees have played a key role in its development. Recently, the NAACCR Board assessed its approach to strategic planning and its charge to ensure that NAACCR is conducting its mission successfully. Because the cancer surveillance field is rapidly changing, the Board determined that a more adaptable, strategic, and forward-thinking approach was needed to ensure NAACCR’s continued leadership and success.


The Board worked with the Steering Committee Chairs, staff, and the SMP WG, to create a more visionary and strategic approach to this plan. As a first step, it worked to identify a structure of strategic pillars that recognizes the essential roles of central registries and lays a strong foundation for NAACCR to fulfill its mission and vision. Next, it set priority strategic initiatives that focus on critical projects and capacity building needs, along with the framework to integrate these initiatives within steering committee work plans. It is the Board’s expectation that these initiatives, along with the critical work that steering committees already undertake, will allow NAACCR to address new challenges and take advantage of promising opportunities moving forward. Please view the draft goals and objectives here and see the identified strategic initiatives below.


Strategic Initiatives
  • CERTIFICATION: Continuing NAACCR’s commitment to high quality data by updating NAACCR certification requirements.


  • INNOVATIVE APPROACHES TO DATA COLLECTION (MINIMAL DATASETS AND PARTIAL RECORDS): Improving timeliness through innovative approaches to data collection.


  • INFORMATICS, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND CLOUD TECHNOLOGY: Navigating rapidly changing technologies in informatics, interoperability, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.


  • IMPROVING RACE AND ETHNICITY REPORTING: Improving Race and Ethnicity Reporting is critical to efforts to solve health equity concerns.


  • COMMUNICATION: Enhancing NAACCR’s communication processes by creating more timely and interactive approaches to sharing information.


  • RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION: Enhancing volunteer recruitment and retention by creating toolkits, incentives, and new recruitment opportunities.


  • EXPANDED TRAINING FOR NAACCR MEMBERS: Expanding high quality education and training opportunities and materials to a wider range of members so that all interest groups within NAACCR are served.


  • POLICY AND ADVOCACY: Strengthening NAACCR’s role as the voice of its members in advocacy and relevant policy concerns to advance the cancer surveillance field.


The NAACCR Strategic Plan is designed as a living document that can respond and adjust to a changing landscape. It maintains core principles yet builds new capacity and positions NAACCR to adapt, as necessary.

Please join us on Wednesday, March 27 from 3-4 ET to review the plan in more detail and provide valuable feedback to ensure NAACCR is equipped to meet the demands of today’s cancer surveillance needs, while also best positioning NAACCR for the cancer surveillance future.

Follow the link below to get registered for our town Hall today.

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