Laboratory Electronic Pathology Reporting Guidelines Update


The Pathology Reporting Work Group (WG) is a work group under the NAACCR Standardization and Registry Development Steering Committee. This group has been diligently working over several months to update the Pathology Laboratory Electronic Reporting, Volume V, Version 5.0 aligning it with the Health Level 7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (HL7 FHIR) standards and enhancing the usability. During their endeavors the WG determined the document name should change to Laboratory Electronic Pathology Reporting Guidelines. One focus has been on making the guidelines more user-friendly, e.g., pulling the appendices from the document and making them separate documents. Some of the changes include cleaning up the example messages, removing unnecessary content, and improving the alignment with the HL7 standards. Through our CDC/NPCR partner the group was able to have a member of the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) review the document and provide valuable feedback.

Currently, the document is undergoing editing and then will go through the review and approval process with plans to post it in February 2024.

Thank you to the Pathology Reporting WG for their diligence, time, and hard work!

Pathology Reporting WG Members:
Sandy Jones (co-chair)
Joshua Mazuryk (co-chair)
Temi Alimi
Mignon Dryden
Lisa Garcia
Alex Goel
Jovanka Harrison
Jeffery Karp
Caitlin Kennedy
Carol Kruchko
Mary Anne Leblanc
Nancy Lebrun
Charlotte Marshall
Richard Moldwin
Kerri Petzke
Anca Preda
Barb Weatherby
Michael Zens
Lori Havener

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