Liaison Update: College of American Pathologists (CAP) PERT

CAP PERT Update & Cancer Data Summit A CAP Pathology Electronic Reporting (PERT) meeting was held in Chicago on Thursday, October 5 followed by a Cancer Data Summit on Friday,…

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Massachusetts Cancer Registry Releases Updated Childhood Cancer Report

The latest report on childhood cancer in Massachusetts spans from 2009 to 2018. The Massachusetts Cancer Registry (MCR) is pleased…


Wyoming Cancer Surveillance System: A Succesful Interstate Data Exchange Project

A closer look at Wyoming Cancer Surveillance Program’s 2021 NPCR Success Story and its partnership with the neighboring Utah Cancer…


Updates on the Virtual Pooled Registry for 2023

Here are some of the noteworthy highlights from VPR. I’m so excited to share the below updates on the Virtual…


National Childhood Cancer Registry Accomplishments in 2022

NCCR and NAACCR highlight a few of the many accomplishments they’ve achieved for 2022. 2022 was a year of exciting…


Cancer Registry Processes for Cancer Pathology Data in Canada

Most PTCR information collected is from provincial/territorial level health information systems that are attributed to universal health care systems in Canada.


Michigan Cancer Surveillance System: LexisNexis Linkage to Improve SSN and Vital Status Information

A spotlight on the Michigan Cancer Surveillance Program Spotlight on Registries is a new feature that highlights a registry’s special…


NAACCR’s Data Security and Confidentiality Issues Website

Check out resources available on NAACCR’s data security and confidentiality issues website. Authors Heather Zimmerman Data Security and Confidentiality Workgroup…


State Cancer Registries Improve Accuracy Over Self-Reporting

These findings support the ongoing development of a national U.S. virtual pooled registry to streamline cohort linkages. Authors Annelie M….


Assessing Lung Cancer Rates in Non-Smokers

This is the first time lung cancer incidence rates for never smokers have been estimated based on U.S. registry data….


IARC Classifies Firefighter Exposure as a Human Carcinogen

The IARC Working Group determined based on sufficient epidemiological evidence a causal association between occupation as a firefighter and both mesothelioma and bladder cancer.