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ny Roshala, BA, CTR
NAACCR President
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Hi everyone and welcome to the Autumn season! I hope you had an opportunity to make some fond memories this summer, spending time with loved ones and perhaps even taking a long-awaited vacation! We’ve all learned the importance of self-care during the pandemic, so please make time for yourselves as we transition into the challenging waters of the data submission process. Please ensure you have reviewed the NAACCR Call for Data letter, as well as the Call for Data Instructional webinar with slides, covering the new requirements for the 2022 Call for Data. These resources can be found on the NAACCR website.

As you are aware, the 2020 data submission includes data during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We know the pandemic impacted cancer case counts. NAACCR has been working with the other standard setting agencies to come up with 2020 case estimates as a result of the pandemic impact. While there may be incidence variances, there has definitely been an overall decrease in the incidence numbers. While the preliminary incidence rates for 2021 cases seem to be on the increase over 2020 incidence rates, it may take some time to fully assess the impact of the pandemic on cancer incidence and survival. In addition, the question of publishing 2020 data has also been the topic of discussion. Diagnosis year 2020 presents challenges in both creating adjusted estimates and data analysis. It is a unique and challenging year for the cancer surveillance community, but one that is being carefully and cautiously discussed.

As another result of the pandemic, many previously in-person held educational offerings have been held virtually, allowing more people to attend. This has been an unexpected positive impact of the pandemic, to further educate and enrich our professional knowledge and networking opportunities!

Just a reminder that NAACCR offers a variety of educational opportunities for all members of the cancer surveillance community, such as the NAACCR Webinar Series, NAACCR Talks, and NAACCR CTR Exam Preparation and Review Webinar Series. Upcoming educational events include: What’s Up in Canada, Eh? Focus on Canadian Cancer Surveillance Research, scheduled for November 7, 2022, and V23 Update: ICD-O, Solid Tumor Rules, SSDI, scheduled for December 15, 2022. More information and registration links can be found on the NAACCR website.

Registry Operations Guidelines are also available on the NAACCR website, including Strategies for Data Quality Beyond Edits, NAACCR Tip Sheets based on input from central registries who participated in the NAACCR Registry Operations Workshop series, a Telecommuting Best Practice document and many more resources. Check it out!

What’s coming up? Stay tuned as a newly revised Death Clearance Manual, effective January 1, 2023, for Deaths Occurring in 2022. We hope the revised document will be an excellent resource for central registries! A huge thank you to Bobbi Jo Matt, Chair, and the Death Clearance Task Force members for this vital resource!

The NAACCR Board has been working diligently to identify the NAACCR key component strategic priorities to ensure a foundation for the future of cancer surveillance. So much work to be done, with the ever-present challenge of limited funding and resources. We remain committed to the process and undaunted by the challenges! Stay tuned for more information regarding the Strategic Management Plan as we work through this process.

Wishing everyone a safe, wonderful, and beautiful Autumn season!

Please contact me should you have any questions, comments or suggestions at [email protected]


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