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Brian Knox, Developer
John Sammerson, DBA
North Carolina Central Cancer Registry


Synchronization of Registry Plus Applications: North Carolina Central Cancer Registry’s Contact and Facility Management Tool


The Problem 

For years the North Carolina Central Cancer Registry had been dealing with the dynamic nature of keeping track of facility contacts. Each liaison registry staffer, IT, supervisors; we all had their own way of keeping track. Can you say Excel confusion boys and girls? You see that info was needed in creating account (VPN and application), who to notify, what type of facility was it, were some facilities reporting for others, was the contact performing an RCA role, an abstractor, a contractor, a CTR, an HIM, etc. And of course, how could we keep all this info manageable and in sync Registry Plus and all those involved?



Contact/Facility (CFAC) Management Tool was born 

All facility/contact data was merged, validated and a SQL database was created. This Contact/Facility (CFAC for short) RegistryPlus Management tool ties Contact data to Contacts, Contacts to Facilities, and Facilities data to WebPlusPrepPlus and CRSPlus. CFAC is equipped with a web-based user interface that enables NC CCR staff to login and view, add and update facilities and their contact information.











 This data can also be viewed and exported in a tabular form into Excel.




















Facility Management 

The users are able to manage data pertinent to facilities such as, are they a COC hospital, are they under a managed umbrella, what was the old facility number if it had been changed, the type of facility, the software being used, the NC CCR staff assigned to that facility, just to name a few. This application keeps a history of the changes made. Users can also maintain text related that facility, such as, why their case numbers are running low. 






























Contact Management 

One of the problems we are attempting to resolve is the facility contact’s current status. The fluidity of staffing at some facilities has posed a problem on occasion. Our staff is able to search and identify facilities and their contacts/users (active or otherwise). 















To create or modify users for a Facility, registry users must select a Reporting Source. Once a Reporting Source is selected, a listing of all users is displayed to them. Registry users can then make contact with facilities to ensure each contact’s information is correct.




























Information from this user screen is used for registry processes, and in the future, will be used to create and update user’s information in the Registry Plus application(s) based on their reporting sources numbers. For example, users’ initial login credentials can be populated in WebPlus and an email generated to the users. Like with the Facility Management section, a history of notes related to the Contact can be maintained here. 



End Goal 

While it is true, the Registry Plus applications do have some of this information but having one place to update the data was part of our goal. On the outside, this tool keeps our staff up-to-date with all the changes to facilities and their contacts in one place. On the inside, this tool enables synchronization of Registry Plus applications, other registry processes and automatic notifications to respective staff and contacts. 




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