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Welcome to the Steering Committee Corner!

This column will provide brief Steering Committee updates such as new reports or projects, coding changes, new data standards, requests for priority area network members for specific workgroups, and other information that NAACCR Steering Committees feel the NAACCR community should be aware of. We hope that this column helps to connect us as we continue to move forward with enhanced cancer surveillance.

Susan T. Gershman
Massachusetts Cancer Registry


Co-Chairs: Frances Ross and Mignon Dryden

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:

The Board of Directors have tasked the Professional Development Steering Committee with new charges. Recruitment for NAACCR members to join Task Forces or Work Groups has started for the projects listed below.

New Committee Charges:

  1. Framework for Higher Education
  2. Best Practices for Recruitment & Retention
  3. Best Practices for Telecommuting
  4. Global Initiatives – simplified education plan for low-resource countries
  5. CDC Cooperative Agreement
  6. Work with RDU on education in LMS for NDI linkage and Match*Pro
  7. Get continuous use items in LMS – work with other committees

If you are interested in working with Professional Development on these important projects or would like more information, please contact Frances Ross fer@kcr.uky.edu; or Mignon Dryden mdryden@crgc-cancer.org.


Co-Chairs: Hannah Weir and Susan Gershman


    • Next Webinar Producing Cancer Statistics at the Census Tract Level: A Louisiana Story scheduled for November 14, 2018, 2:00pm – 3:30pm ET.
    • SEER Tools webinar to be scheduled.

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:

  • Advocacy Cancer Fact Sheets: NAACCR will distribute ACS CAN state specific and summary fact sheets when reports become available early next year.
  • Virtual Pooled Registry Update: Childhood cancer survivors study cohort is ready for linkage with volunteer registries. This will help test overall system, Match*Pro software, and manual review component.
  • If you have a suggestion for a journal club or surveillance webinar topics, please contact Hannah Weir (hweir@cdc.gov) or Susan Gershman (gershman@state.ma.us).


Co-Chairs: Winny Roshala and Lori Koch

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:

Note: In Appendix B, 2018 Source References, the TNM 8th Edition Staging Library hyperlink will be added when available.

  • New and Emerging Data Sources Task Force – Inventory central registries to identify new data sources to categorize and assess their value to the central registry and/or cancer surveillance. Determine how to evaluate the value of the new reporting source.
  • Interstate Data Exchange Task Force – Review and update the NAACCR Interstate Data Exchange Guidelines document.
  • Timeliness Task Force – Assess specific issues identified by the original ACCR-TRS task force. Design a survey for central registries to understand the following:
      • Identify customers of surveillance data
      • Identify requestors of timely data and their intended use of it
      • Identify any legislative issues
  • Determine if the ACCR TRS TF data set is sufficient to define as the minimal data set for incidence data.
  • Characterize cases not submitted in a timely manner by type of reporting source including the reason behind the non-timely reports. Some cases that are considered not timely are by design e.g., path-only cases are not added to the registry until the end.
  • Recommend an optimal time frame for a timeliness standard.
Individuals interested in participating in these new task forces are encouraged to contact Lori Havener for more information at: lhavener@naaccr.org.



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