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Welcome to the Steering Committee Corner!

This column will provide brief Steering Committee updates such as new reports or projects, coding changes, new data standards, requests for priority area network members for specific workgroups, and other information that NAACCR Steering Committees feel the NAACCR community should be aware of. We hope that this column helps to connect us as we continue to move forward with enhanced cancer surveillance.



Communications Steering Committee (CSC)

Chair: Melanie Williams

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:

  • The Communications Steering Committee completed a new charter describing the purpose, membership, and goals of the steering committee.
  • The survey on member social media preferences was completed, and results were provided to NAACCR membership in the NAACCR Narrative. The results are also being used to help guide the NAACCR Communications Plan.

Other News to share with the NAACCR Community:

  • If you have work to promote or information you would like shared with the NAACCR membership, please don’t hesitate in contacting the Communications Steering Committee Chair at


Professional Development Steering Committee (PDSC)

Co-Chairs: Mignon Dryden and Stephanie Hill

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:

  • Survey Course and LMS Update – Thanks to Angela Martin, what used to be called the “NAACCR Short Course” is alive and updated on the NAACCR Learning Management System (LMS) except for a couple of IT presentations that are currently being updated. The NAACCR Cancer Surveillance Webinars are also now accessed through the LMS. You can check out the new LMS at
  • Telecommuting Best Practices – Led by Lynn Giljahn, this workgroup with input from multiple state registries, drafted a best practices document outlining topics to consider for registries thinking of offering a telecommuting option to their staff. Final revisions are being made from feedback from the PDSC members. Hope to have it to Board by November.
  • Recruitment and Retention Work Group – Led by Stephanie Hill, this workgroup developed a toolkit of best practices with input from several states. The toolkit includes sample job descriptions, recruitment strategies, training resources and other tools as well as an overview document.
  • How to Get Involved in NAACCR Work Group – This new workgroup led by Angela Meisner is working on having a Meet and Greet at next year’s annual conference to share ideas on how new members can get more involved with NAACCR activities.
  • Hackathon at Philadelphia Annual Meeting – A small work group led by Angela Martin is working on all aspects of hosting the Hackathon at the upcoming Philadelphia meeting.
  • Other – Salary Survey – We have received a request to develop a central registry-specific salary survey to assist registries with recruitment. NCRA conducted a survey in 2017, but the report aggregates central registry responses with those from vendors and other registries. The PDSC is exploring options for conducting a survey specific to central registries.

If you are interested in working with Professional Development on these important projects or would like more information, please contact Stephanie Hill  or Mignon Dryden

Recent Reports/Publications:

  • Soon to come: Telecommuting Best Practices
  • Recruitment and Retention Toolkit


  • New Series of NAACCR Webinars!

Other News to share with the NAACCR Community

  • Please contact Stephanie or Mignon if you are interested in helping with any of these projects!


Research and Data Use Steering Committee (RDUSC)

Co-Chairs: Susan Gershman and Sarah Nash

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:

  • Approved charter and revised work plan for next year.
  • The CiNA Monograph Volume 5: Prevalence was approved by RDU and will be sent to Board for approval.
  • Due to policy changes, Cancer Cluster Guidelines work will continue via a panel with ATSDR program staff.  ATSDRl will reach out to environmental health programs and cancer registries using survey to compile information. Individual registries may comment.


  • Next Webinar: Louisiana Data Visualization Tool Date: To be Determined


Standardization and Registry Development Steering Committee (SRDSC)

Co-Chairs: Lori Koch and Winny Roshala

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:

  • Conducted the 2018 Readiness Survey, July version. The results of this second survey will be distributed to the NAACCR membership, pending board approval.
  • In the process of developing the NAACCR Cancer Informatics Advisory Group, co-chaired by Eric Durbin (KY) and Gary Levin (FL)
  • S&RD SC co-chairs have been serving on the Mid-Level Tactical Group, participating in the development of a new approach to requesting new data items, including field testing of proposed new data items. The first field test for new data items for 2021 will begin November 1, 2019. We encourage all registrars to participate in this field test to provide feedback for proposed data items. CEUs are available for participation in this field test process.

Recent Reports/Publications:

  • The NAACCR Interstate Data Exchange Guidelines was approved by the board and posted to the website. A webinar is scheduled for December to provide an overview on the guidelines and Interstate Data Exchange agreement.


  • Encourage registrar participation in the inaugural field testing of proposed new data items for 2021.

Coding Changes/Updates:


Strategic Alliances

Co-Chairs:  Nan Stroup, Randi Rycroft

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:

  • Betsy Kohler attended two workshops in Lyon France sponsored by the International Association for Research on Cancer (IARC) on October 21 and 22 to improve reporting of childhood cancer worldwide. NAACCR and partners are exploring the adoption of the Toronto Childhood Cancer Stage Guidelines to comply with international standards.


Susan T. Gershman
Massachusetts Cancer Registry




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