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Welcome to the Steering Committee Corner! This column will provide brief Steering Committee updates such as new reports or projects, coding changes, new data standards, requests for specific workgroups, and other information that NAACCR Steering Committees feel the NAACCR community should be aware of. We hope that this column helps to connect us as we continue to move forward with enhanced cancer surveillance.



Communications Steering Committee (CSC)
Chair: Nan Stroup

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:
• Revised Communications Priority Area Goals and Objectives for the 2021-2024 NAACCR Strategic Management Plan (SMP)
• Coordinated announcements for draft SMP via email, social media, website
• Began developing communications schedule/calendar for future announcements and NAACCR activities
Recent Reports/Publications:
• NAACCR Narrative


Professional Development Steering Committee (PDSC)
Co-Chairs: Carrie Bateman and Andrea Sipin-Baliwas

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:
• Revised Professional Development Steering Committee Strategic Management Plan
• Provided our revised 3-year strategic management plan to SMP workgroup and the NAACCR Board
• Updates to the NAACCR website are in progress to highlight the Ambassador Program

• 2021 Updates ICDO 3.2 and Solid Tumor rules presented 12/9/2020
• Treatment 2021 webinar presented 1/7/2021
• NAACCR CTR Exam Prep & Review Webinar Series March 2021 presented 1/12/2021 for 8 weeks
• Lymphoma 2021 webinar presented 2/4/2021
• Boot Camp 2021 webinar presented 3/4/2021
• ETC Training Solid Tumor Rules Melanoma 3/11/2021

Other News to share with the NAACCR Community’ PAN interests:
• We welcome anyone interested in working with Professional Development to achieve these goals or would like more information on committee activities to please contact Andrea Sipin-Baliwas (asipin@usc.edu) or Carrie Bateman (carrie.bateman@hsc.utah.edu).


Research and Data Use Steering Committee (RDUSC)
Co-Chairs: Sarah Nash and Jeff Dowden

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:
• Committee continues to work on SMP Goals and Objectives; the next task is activities to achieve the goals/objectives. (Note: The goals/objectives were approved by the Steering Committee and the Board.)
• Security and Confidentiality Work Group chaired by Liz Ward has prepared a report of a member survey to be released to the board. And is in process of setting priorities which were identified by a NAACCR member survey.
• 2020 Census Work Group has approved methodology for estimating populations for all US census-tracts. We expect these data to be available for member use this summer.

• Webinars: Rates for small areas in April, NDI in May. Future topics could include: alternatives to Annual Reports such as Fact Sheets; how COVID has impacted registry operations.


Standardization and Registry Development Steering Committee (SRDSC)
Co-Chairs: Lori Koch and Wendy Aldinger

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:
• The S&RD is working on goals and objectives for the next NAACCR Strategic Management Plan (SMP).
• S&RD Co-Chairs attended the virtual Board/Chairs meeting in February.
• The Interstate Case Ownership Task Force is working to develop recommendations and best practices for determining case ownership for cases found to reside in more than one state cancer registry.


Strategic Alliances
Co-Chairs: Randi Rycroft and Betsy Kohler

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:
The Strategic Alliances Steering Committee will be expanding its role beyond building and maintaining NAACCR partnerships. We will be taking on the role of developing strategy for NAACCR and overseeing the Strategic Management Plan (SMP) renewal process. Part of what we have learned from our current SMP renewal (new plan takes effect in June 2021) is that NAACCR needs to be more focused on strategy than we currently are and more purposeful about communicating strategy. To assist the Board, this Steering Committee will develop potential new strategies for Board consideration. We will keep you posted on our activities as we grow into this new role over the next several years.

Susan T. Gershman

Massachusetts Cancer Registry



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