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Antoinette Stroup, PhD
NAACCR Past President



Please join me in thanking all our NAACCR colleagues who ran for office this year! The NAACCR Nominating Committee, chaired by Georgetta Alverson (MI), did a great job ensuring a successful election for Treasurer and 3 Representatives-at-Large as well as the special election for President-Elect.  Thanks to all the NAACCR members who took the time to vote as well.

Congratulations to all newly elected and re-elected NAACCR officers:

  • Randi Rycroft, Cancer Registry of Idaho – President-Elect
  • Maria Schymura, New York State Cancer Registry – Treasurer
  • Isaac Hands, Kentucky Cancer Registry – Representative-at-Large
  • Lorraine Shack, Cancer Control Alberta, Canada – Representative-at-Large
  • Kevin Ward, Georgia Comprehensive Cancer Registry – Representative-at-Large

And, ICYMI: No changes for 2020! See the joint announcement released on April 10, 2019, by NAACCR’s Executive Director, Betsy Kohler, on behalf of cancer surveillance leadership from the ACoS Cancer Programs, the Canadian Council of Cancer Registries, NAACCR, NCRA, NPCR and SEER, for more details. As the announcement states, it is our hope that postponing changes will allow the registry community to focus on the ongoing implementation challenges and the urgent backlog in collection and processing of 2018 cases.

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