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Thank you to the 55 registries who participated in the NAACCR Assessment of Telework & COVID-19! We know you are facing a lot of demands on your time – now more than ever – and we appreciate your taking the time to send us your responses.

The assessment revealed a marked increase in the percent of registries allowing telework before the COVID-19 pandemic (56%) and since the outbreak began (96%). Registry operations and epidemiology/research staff are most commonly using telework (91% and 92%, respectively), while contracted (44%), part-time/per diem (52%), and trainees/probationary staff (61%) were least likely to be permitted to telecommute, although those numbers are increased from prior to the pandemic. See Figure 1.



Some registries have reported staff being reassigned to work on COVID-related activities. This was most common among management and epidemiology/research staff, with more than 30% of registries reporting staff in being reassigned in part or in full. Some registries reported operations, IT and administrative staff also being reassigned. See Figure 2.



The greatest barriers to telework were technical, with 50% of registries reporting either a lack of equipment (i.e., laptops) or lack of a technical solution (i.e., VPN) as a barrier (see Figure 3). However, of those staff working remotely, 83% are able to perform the same tasks they were performing on-site (see Figure 4).




NAACCR is dedicated to helping registries through the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. In April, we held a NAACCR Talk to demonstrate the new NAACCR Telecommuting Toolkit and address questions from registries. A recording of the webinar is available on the NAACCR web site. Also be sure to check out the NAACCR Central Registry Telecommuting Forum for ongoing discussions at https://share.naaccr.org/public-forum/.




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