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Submitted by: Antoinette (Nan) Stroup, PhD, Director, New Jersey State Cancer Registry
Contributing authors: Stephanie Hill, MPH, CTR, Program Manager, New Jersey State Cancer Registry and Betsy Kohler, Executive Director, NAACCR and former Director of the New Jersey State Cancer Registry.


Caption: New Jersey State Cancer Registry Staff, Trenton, NJ, September 2018









The New Jersey State Cancer Registry (NJSCR) is celebrating its 40th anniversary this October 2018. The launch of the New Jersey State Cancer Registry on October 1, 1978, was in response to the first national cancer mortality atlas published by the National Cancer Institute, which showed that New Jersey had one of the highest cancer mortality rates in the country from 1950-1969. This was especially true for male bladder cancer, as 18 of New Jersey’s 21 counties had significantly higher bladder cancer mortality rates than the U.S. overall. As a result, New Jersey became known as “Cancer Alley” throughout the 70s and 80s.

There have been many milestones over the last four decades, but with advances in data collection, information systems, and a more coordinated surveillance system between central registries, hospitals, federal agencies, and, of course, NAACCR, New Jersey continues to meet the highest standards for complete, accurate, and timely data.  Indeed, maintaining an up-to-date registry of all newly diagnosed cancers has fundamentally improved public health, providing essential data to guide prevention efforts and reduce mortality. In fact, today, New Jersey cancer mortality rates have improved to 13th lowest in the nation.


Caption: NJSCR Milestones 1977-2018 Created by Stephanie Hill, MPH, CTR, Program Manager, New Jersey State Cancer Registry






To commemorate 40 years of quality data and innovative research, we

  • Celebrated alongside our hospital registrars at the Oncology Registrars Association of New Jersey (ORANJ) Annual Meeting in Atlantic City, NJ (October 4-5, 2018).
  • Held a reception for current and former NJSCR staff on October 10.
  • Took our message to the State Capitol, providing information about the Registry to legislators, staff, and visitors at the New Jersey State Capitol Annex the week of October 15-19, 2018.

Plan to raise awareness of the value of the registry among cancer researchers by displaying posters and providing information at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey on Wednesday, October 24, 2018.


Caption (Left): NJSCR celebrating its 40th Anniversary with local hospital registrars at the ORANJ Annual Meeting, October 4, 2018, Atlantic City, NJ. “40 Years of Public Health Cancer Surveillance and Research and the Implications of Quality Data” presentation by Antoinette (Nan) Stroup, PhD, Director of NJSCR and Dr. Christina Tan, MD, MPH, Assistant Commissioner/State Epidemiologist, New Jersey Department of Health.








Caption (Right): NJSCR at the New Jersey State Capitol Annex, October 15, 2018, Trenton, NJ. (Left to Right) Stasia Burger, MS, CTR, Jessica Diamond, CTR, Antoinette (Nan) Stroup, PhD, Director, NJSCR, and Stephanie Hill, MPH, CTR, Program Manager, NJSCR
















Caption (Above): NJSCR 40th Anniversary Reception, October 10, 2018, Hamilton, NJ. (Picture on the left – left to right) Harrine Katz, CTR, Mireille Lemieux, MS, CTR (Picture on the right – left to right) Maithili Patniak, MA, CTR, Maryanne Burhenne, RN, CTR, Suzanne Schwarz, MS, CTR, Taylor Hessler, CTR, Jamal Johnson, CTR, Gabrielle Taylor, CTR.

On a personal note: Congratulations to all current and former NJSCR staff on the Registry’s incredible success over the years. I for one am looking forward to working with you for years to come! Congratulations on your achievement. -Nan, Director of NJSCR



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