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Lori Havener
NAACCR Program Manager of Standards



XML User Dictionary

Thank you to all the registries that have posted their XML user dictionary or a statement that they will not be creating an XML user dictionary to the XML Dictionary Submission Clearinghouse by the October 1, 2021 deadline! And, just a reminder that the XML Data Exchange Workgroup has updated the information on the XML user dictionary website including FAQs. If you need additional help with your XML user dictionary, please post to the NAACCR XML Forum, which is monitored by the XML Data Exchange Workgroup.


Data Standards and Data Dictionary, Version 23 Implementation Timeline

All proposed new data items and changes to existing data items for v23 must be submitted to the Mid-Level Tactical Group (MLTG) for their October meeting. The MLTG co-chairs will present all v23 revisions to the High-Level Strategic Group (HLSG) in December at which time the HLSG will vote on the v23 revisions.


Data Standards and Data Dictionary, Version 23 Implementation Timeline:  
ActivityNAACCR DeadlinesConsiderations/suggestions to meet NAACCR deadlines
Proposed requests-for-change for new data items requiring field testing (most new and some changed data items) submitted to the Mid-Level Tactical Group (MLTG).July 1, 2021·         Complete request-for-change forms for and submit to the MLTG by July 1, 2021
·         Data items approved by MLTG will be sent to UDS for preliminary review
·         Standard setters should have plans to conduct field testing within the timeframe required for final approval
Field testing initiatedSeptember 1, 2021·         Field testing of newly proposed data items
Proposed requests-for-change for changes to existing data items that do not require field testing submitted to MLTG for final review. *October 1, 2021·         MLTG may elect to require field test
MLTG informs HLSG of all requests for changes received from standard settersDecember 31, 2021·         This will ensure HLSG can initiate dialog with standard setters, ask technical questions as deemed necessary
MLTG transmits new proposed standards to UDS WG for final review and approvalJanuary 1, 2022·         UDS will review all information provided by the standard setter, and may require additional information as necessary
HLSG reviews and approves/rejects all proposed new or revised data items.April 1, 2022·         No standards submitted for MLTG evaluation and HLSG approval will be assessed after April 1st deadline.
·         MLTG evaluates information received from UDS and final feasibility testing results from standard setters, makes recommendation to HLSG
MLTG transmits new standards approved for implementation to UDSMay 1, 2022·         UDS updates NAACCR Data Standards and Data Dictionary according to new standards approved by HLSG
·         Under request from HLSG/MLTG, UDS may implement additional adjustments and corrections to new standards
·         MLTG to ensure that the standard setter provides a set of proposed edits to accompany the new approved data items; edits transmitted to the NAACCR Edits group
Convene NAACCR 2023 Implementation Guidelines Task ForceMay 1, 2022·         Materials for the Data Standards and Data Dictionary must be in final format for the Task Force to develop the implementation guidelines.
·         Final versions of mapping and/or conversions.
UDS submits NAACCR Data Standards and Data Dictionary, Version 23 to the Standardization and Registry Development Steering Committee for review/approvalJune 1, 2022·         UDS final review/approval at their May meeting.
NAACCR Data Standards and Data Dictionary, Version 23 ReleasedJuly 1, 2022
NAACCR 2023 Implementation Guidelines ReleasedAugust 1, 2022
EDITS metafile releaseAugust 15, 2022·         EDITS Work Group will have begun development of edits metafile by April 2022.
Education and trainingOngoing as material becomes available·         Develop training materials by October 1, 2022 and provide adequate training opportunities before January 1, 2023.
NAACCR Data Standards and Data Dictionary, Version 23 effective dateJanuary 1, 2023



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