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Recinda Sherman, MPH, PhD, CTR
NAACCR Program Manager of Data Use and Research



Research & Data Use

Hello! I hope everyone is well and as sane as one can be with a contentious election looming in the middle of a pandemic during Call for Data season! I think humor is needed here, so I will tell you a coronavirus joke…but you will have to wait two weeks to see if you get it.

NAACCR Call for Data: Submission due December 1, 2020 (Tuesday)

Our annual CFD is underway. The CFD Submission Portal was opened 3 weeks early and all CFD materials were posted, as well as the materials and recording from September’s Instructional Webinar. Please log-in to the system now, to ensure there are no last minute issues with access.


Prior to final file processing, be sure to check the CFD site for potential updates to NAACCR*Prep or Edits. Update dates and related notes are documented on the Tools Tab. For instance, I recently sent out a listserv to those on the CFD Listserv with a notification of a new Edits Metafile that will be released the last week in October.  This update addresses the fact that a new edit is triggering a large number of edits, particularly on older cases. The only modification to edits is they will now only run on cases diagnosed 2006 and later. Please note, these are valid edits. The change only postpones edit resolution for these older cases, and we anticipate applying the edit on the full file again in the future. Please let me know if you would like to add or remove staff from the targeted CFD Listserv.


A few notes to help the submission process:

  • If your files are submitted via IMS/SEER, you will need to indicate this in the File Submission section before you are able to mark your submission complete. This new question enables us track submission status more efficiently.
  • Electronic signing is preferred. However, if you are required to download and sign, please fill out the consents prior to download if possible. This ensures more effective tracking of consent responses for all registries.
  • If you are one of the handful of registries with pre-approved modifications to the data assurances agreement, ensure you indicate this in the DAA & Consent Section. This new question enables us to document non-standard agreements more uniformly.


CiNA On-Line Query Systems

NAACCR Fast Stats, our on-line cancer data system as has updated with the 2013-2017 data. We have a delay with NAACCR Maps, but it will be updated before the end of October. Next year our on-line cancer data query systems will have a new look and additional data. So keep an eye on this space: https://www.naaccr.org/interactive-data-on-line/.



Many registries conduct annual geocoding in preparation for CFD. A few tips to remember to help facilitate this effort:

  • You can select multiple years of census data to be appended at once. So in one run, you can add 1990, 2000, and 2010 Census Boundary information all at once. NOTE: We are working on the 2020 data, but currently only a placeholder for 2020 variables. The geocoder will allow you to select 2020 but will return no data for those fields at this time.
  • Use a csv file for most efficient processing.
  • For faster processing, split large files into smaller files and run them simultaneously. This will reduce overall processing time.
  • Incorporating state-specific Alias Tables can improve match results and reduce the number of cases requiring manual review. We have base Alias Tables for each state that require local review before incorporating into the batch process. Please contact me if you are interested in incorporating Alias Tables for your registry.


As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or revolutionary ideas in the NAACCR Research and Data Use area, please contact me rsherman@naaccr.org.




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