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Jim Hofferkamp, BA, CTR
NAACCR Program Manager of Education & Training



The NAACCR Education and Training Calendar is located on the Upcoming Events page. Here you will find dates for all of the upcoming NAACCR Talks, CTR Prep and Review, and monthly webinars. See Upcoming Events at https://education.naaccr.org/.


We have not yet set the dates, but we will be having a free webinar on ICD O 3.2/changes to the Solid Tumor Rules and another webinar on SSDIs before the end of the year. Information and registration will be available at https://education.naaccr.org/updates-implementation

We currently have four NAACCR talks scheduled between now and the middle of November.

  • Social Determinants of Health
    • Part 1 October 21, 2020
    • Part 2 October 28, 2020
  • Focus on Brain Tumors-November 4, 2020
  • Advanced Data Collection-November 11, 2020

For more information or to register check out our upcoming events calendar https://education.naaccr.org/upcomingevents.

NAACCR Webinar Series

Session 1 of the new series was a big hit!  My favorite part was Wilson Apollo’s excellent overview on various radiation techniques used to treat prostate cancer how to code those techniques. The November session (coming up quick!) will be presented by Denise Harrison and Kelli Olsen. They will be discussing how to code Lung primaries.

For more information or to subscribe see the NAACCR 2020-2021 Webinar Series page at https://education.naaccr.org/2020-2021-webinar-series

2020-2021 Webinars at a Glance

  • Prostate 2020 10/01/20
  • Lung 2020 11/05/20
  • Thyroid 2020 12/03/20
  • Treatment 2021 1/07/21
  • Lymphoma 2021 2/4/21
  • Abstracting and Coding Boot Camp 2021 3/04/21
  • Larynx 2021 4/01/21
  • Pancreas, 2021 5/06/21
  • Kidney 2021 6/17/21
  • Quality in CoC Accreditation 7/08/21
  • Breast 2021 8/05/21
  • Coding Pitfalls 2021 9/02/21
  • Click for Full Webinar Description

NAACCR CTR Prep and Review

We just wrapped up our series in preparation of the Oct/Nov CTR exam. NCRA has not yet announced dates for the first exam in 2021, but it is usually in March. The next NAACCR CTR Prep and Review will start about 8 weeks prior to the first day of the new testing window. Additional information and a link to register will be available at https://education.naaccr.org/ctr.

NAACCR 2020 Virtual Conference

Did you participate in the NAACCR Conference this last June? If not, or if you would like to view a few of the sessions again, the recordings are available free of charge at: https://education.naaccr.org/products/naaccr-2020-virtual-conference-june-23-june-25

NAACCR Talk Recordings

Recordings of all NAACCR Talks can be found at: https://education.naaccr.org/freewebinars.


As always, if you have any questions about the plethora of NAACCR Education and Training products don’t hesitate to contact Jim Hofferkamp or Angela Martin!





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