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Jim Hofferkamp, BA, CTR
NAACCR Program Manager of Education & Training



NAACCR Webinar Series

I know we are not even half way through the 2018-2019 webinar season, but I want to let everyone know that prices for next season (2019-2020) will be the same. The schedule for next season should be posted in mid-May.

I would like to say that I am thrilled with the wonderful job our guest hosts did on the January webinar! Denise Harrison and Louanne Currence presented on Testicular Primaries. The feedback we got from our participants was spectacular!

The February webinar was on colon and in March we will have our Boot Camp. Boot Camp this year will focus on the fundamentals of abstracting the new data items required for 2018. During boot camp participants will spend the majority of time completing quizzes and exercises. There will be minimal lecture.

For more information on upcoming NAACCR webinars see our website at:


CTR Prep

It’s hard to believe that we have already completed 5 of the 8 weeks in the 2019 CTR exam prep series. The exam will include 2018 changes. We’ve updated all of our materials to reflect the changes.

For more information see the NAACCR CTR Prep and review page at:

The next series will start in late April.



Keep your eye out for information on upcoming NAACCR Prep Talks! We are working on a robust schedule for 2019. NAACCR Talks are free webinars on topics that concern the NAACCR membership. These are usually topics related to research and data use, analytic tools, and central registry functions. More information on upcoming NAACCR Talks and recordings of previous NAACCR talks are available at:

If you have any questions about upcoming training events, please contact Angela Martin or myself!


Angela Martin

Jim Hofferkamp



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