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Jim Hofferkamp, BA, CTR
NAACCR Program Manager of Education & Training



Upcoming events

If you haven’t bookmarked the NAACCR Upcoming Events page yet, I strongly suggest you do so!

On the Upcoming events page, you will find the full Educations and Training Calendar. The calendar includes dates and information concerning NAACCR Talks, NAACCR Webinar Series, CTR Prep and Review, and any other NAACCR sponsored education and training event.

You’ll also find registration information for upcoming NAACCR Talks. We have some really good ones coming up.

  • Data Visualization 7/21/21
  • Geocoder Updates & MI GeoCorrect Tool 8/4/21
  • File Pro Date TBD
  • NAACCR Call for Data Webinar 9/1/21

All NAACCR Talks are recorded and archived at


There are just two webinars left in the NAACCR 2020-2021 Season. Vicki Hawhee and I will present cover Breast in August. Vicki is an accomplished registrar at Moffett Cancer Center in Florida. She specializes in Education and QA. Our final webinar for this season is the Coding Pitfalls Webinar. Coding Pitfalls is a perennial favorite and will be co-hosted by another perennial favorite, Janet Vogel! Janet is a compliance and QA auditor and educator with Himagine Solutions. During this session we will try to clarify tricky or misunderstood coding issues.

Subscriptions are now available for the 2021-2022 Season! The first session is Oct 7 (it will be here for you know it!). Because so many people are now working from home and we feel strongly that people get the most from our webinars when they view them live, we have included a free +5 Remote Staff option with every purchase of a 12 webinar series! When you purchase a 12 webinar series, you get a total of 6 connections to the live series.

For more information or to subscribe see the NAACCR 2020-2021 Webinar Series page at


Uterus 2021 10/07/21

Bladder 2021 11/04/21

Treatment 2021 12/02/21

Lung 2022 1/06/22

Data Item Relationships 2/03/22

Abstracting and Coding Boot Camp 2022 3/03/22

Hematopoietic and Lymphocytic Neoplasms 4/04/22

Colon 2022 5/05/22

Central Nervous System 6/02/22

Back to The Future: What Year is it and What did I Miss? 7/07/21

Solid Tumor Rules 2022 8/04/22

Coding Pitfalls 2022 9/01/22

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We just finished our second CTR Prep and Review series of 2021! There are lots of changes to the exam this year. Radiation and Grade have been added to the open book portion of the exam. The closed book session covers the 2020 CoC standards (not including the 2021 updates). If you, or someone you know, are planning on taking the exam this year, be sure to cover these topics carefully! Or better yet, sign up for the NAACCR CTR Prep and Review Series! We have updated our curriculum to include these changes!

The next NAACCR CTR Prep and Review will be for the June exam and is tentatively set to begin on August 24. Additional information and a link to register will be available at


Recordings of all NAACCR Talks can be found at:


As always, if you have any questions about the plethora of NAACCR Education and Training products don’t hesitate to contact Jim Hofferkamp or Angela Martin!




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