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Jim Hofferkamp, BA, CTR
NAACCR Program Manager of Education & Training



Survey Course: Understanding Population-Based Cancer Registries Course

This quarter I want focus on the NAACCR Survey Course: Understanding Population Based Cancer Registries or simply the “Survey Course.” The Survey Course consists of four (4) topic areas with multiple modules under each topic. Each module was developed by NAACCR members who are recognized experts on the topic they presented. Each module consists of a short recording and slides associated with the recording. Topics are periodically updated as necessary. We recently added the seven (7) modules under Data Management modules 1-7.

The modules are free and are available to anyone with a MyNAACCR account! Just click on the link above and login. You will need to login to view the modules.

If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them in the discussion tab.

Introduction to Cancer Registries and Cancer Surveillance

  1. Public Health Surveillance Introduction & Fundamentals
  2. Establishing an Effective Population-based Cancer Registry System

Registry Operations

  1. Casefinding
  2. Follow-up
  3. Data Editing
  4. Record consolidation
  5. Death clearance

Registry Management

  1. Registry Development
  2. Data Quality and Completeness
  3. Ethics & confidentiality
  4. Data Management – IT resources
  • Module 1 – Course Introduction
  • Module 2 – Managing Central Registry’s Data
  • Module 3 – Infrastructure
  • Module 4 – Security
  • Module 5 – Electronic Documents and Standards
  • Module 6 – Interoperability
  • Module 7 – Registry of the Future
  • Module 8 – Course Summary

Uses of Population-Based Registry Data

  1. Calculation and Assessment of Survival Rates
  2. Calculation and Assessment of Cancer Incidence
  3. Using Central Cancer Registry Data for Cancer Control and Cancer Research


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Jim Hofferkamp



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