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Chandrika Rao, PhD
Chair, NAACCR Nominating Committee


2020 NAACCR Election Results

The NAACCR Nominating Committee was charged to identify volunteers to serve on the NAACCR Board. For the 2020-2021, there were five key leadership roles: President Elect; three (3) openings for Representatives-at-Large; and a Sponsoring Member Organization Representative.

Sixty-eight of 86 voting members voted (80%). The Nominating Committee would like to thank everyone who agreed to be included in the election as well as Charlie Blackburn and Tyler Scott from the NAACCR office for their assistance.


Elected candidates are:


President Elect:

Winny Roshala, BA, CTR; Director of Data Quality and Facility Reporting Compliance Officer

Cancer Registry of Greater California



Monique Hernandez, Ph.D; Manager and Meaningful Use Coordinator

Florida Cancer Data System


Mary Jane King, MPH, CTR; Manager

Ontario Cancer Registry


Angela Meisner, MPH; Epidemiologist/Epidemiology Section Manager

New Mexico Tumor Registry


Sponsoring Organization Representative:

Lori Swain, MS; Executive Director

National Cancer Registrar’s Association



NAACCR Nominating Committee members:

Chair – Chandrika Rao, PhD; Director

North Carolina Central Cancer Registry


Sarah Nash, Ph.D., MPH, CPH; Cancer Surveillance Director

PI SEER Alaska Native Tumor Registry


April Austin; Program Research Specialist

New York State Cancer Registry


Georgetta Alverson; Cancer Surveillance Section Manager

Michigan Cancer Surveillance Program


Board Liaison

Kyle Zeigler, BS, CTR; Director Data Management

Cancer Registry of Greater California




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