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Angela Martin, CTR
NAACCR Trainer/Project Coordinator



Upcoming Webinar Presentations

October 2020
10/21/2020Social Determinants of Health Part 1 Webinar
10/28/2020Social Determinants of Health Part 2 Webinar
November 2020
11/4/2020Focus on Brain Tumors
11/5/2020NAACCR Webinar Series: Lung 2020
December 2020
12/3/2020NAACCR Webinar Series: Thyroid 2020
January 2020
1/7/2021NAACCR Webinar Series: Treatment 2021


For more information about NAACCR education and training opportunities, or to register online, go to the Education and Training site https://education.naaccr.org/upcomingevents or contact Angela Martin (amartin@naaccr.org).




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