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Angela Martin, CTR
NAACCR Trainer/Project Coordinator



Upcoming Webinar Presentations

Upcoming Webinar Presentations 
June 2020
6/16/2020NAACCR CTR Exam Prep & Review Session 7
6/23/2020NAACCR CTR Exam Prep & Review Session 8
6/23/2020NAACCR 2020 Virtual Conference
6/24/2020NAACCR 2020 Virtual Conference
6/25/2020NAACCR 2020 Virtual Conference
July 2020
7/8/2020NAACCR Virtual Student Oral Presentation
7/9/2020NAACCR Webinar Series: Navigating the 2020 Survey Application Record (SAR)
7/22/2020NAACCR Talk: Informatics Tools and Processes for the XML Data Exchange Standard
August 2020
8/8/2020NAACCR Webinar Series: Corpus Uteri

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