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Betsy A. Kohler, MPH, CTR
NAACCR Executive Director



I hope you all enjoyed the Vancouver Annual Conference held in conjunction with the International Association of Cancer Registries. NAACCR members had the opportunity to hear about cancer surveillance around the world and network with colleagues from over 33 countries. I hope you had a chance to meet the delegates NAACCR sponsored to attend the meeting from India, Nepal, Russia, Argentina, and the Philippines. The scientific content of the conference was greatly enhanced by capitalizing on the vast experience of our international colleagues. Mark your calendars for Philadelphia in June 2020, and Palm Springs, CA for 2021.


NAACCR has been very busy this year. First, a big thank you to all of the Registries that have been participating in our assessments, interviews and summits! We have been gathering information from you on a variety of topics including:

  • Readiness for 2018 data (Fewer than 5% of expected 2018 cases had been processed by central registries in March; we are repeating the assessment this month—please take the time to update your responses.)
  • IRB processes and readiness for a central IRB and template IRB applications
  • Registry operations and enhancements
  • Improving our completeness measures

Information we have been collecting is being shared with Standard Setters and Steering Committees to help everyone understand the issues facing cancer registries in 2019. We appreciate your willingness to share your ideas with us!

We also want to thank the 38 registries who have agreed to pilot test new aspects of the Virtual Pooled Registry process. We are planning 3-4 pilot tests this year with major cohorts as we move further along the spectrum of launching the VPR. We are also gearing up to assist in the Camp Lejeune Cancer Incidence Study with our partners ATSDR and Battelle which will use the VPR process.



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