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Fernanda Silva Michels, MSc, PhD, CTR
Program Manager of Data Quality and Integration



Last Fall, NAACCR launched an International Forum on its website – www.naaccr.org/resources-international-registries/#DISCUSSION – to encourage the free exchange of ideas among worldwide cancer registries and promote inquiries into best practices and creative solutions to operational and scientific challenges. Participants can join for free by creating a MyNAACCR account (also free of charge).

This is an opportunity for international cancer registries to benefit from the experience of NAACCR members, who can share their knowledge and might have faced many of the same challenges. This initiative not only aims to enable communication, but also aims to facilitate access to educational opportunities, like materials, webinars schedules, guidelines, and best practices.

An additional tool for the international audience is the Global / International Cancer Surveillance Education Resources Portal https://education.naaccr.org/international. This portal has as extensive variety of education resources.

Recently, NAACCR posted a training module titled “Principles of Cancer Registries: Assessing Data Quality.” This training is part of a project where NAACCR works with partners to convert the existing TEPHINET/CDC training into an e-learning product accessible through the internet and suitable for individual self-study in low-to-middle income countries. Although the course emphasis is cancer surveillance in low- and middle-income countries, the general principles covered are applicable worldwide.

The first module presents, in a modernized format, methods for evaluating the quality of cancer registry data. The units in this module cover principles of data quality, comparability, validity, timeliness, completeness, qualitative and quantitative methods, and a case study for practice.

The second module will be posted in June and will be titled “Principles of Cancer Registries: Data Sources and Data Collection.” In this module, users will gain an overview of the protocols and standards needed to collect and classify high quality cancer registry data that can be compared to other worldwide data.

Bringing countries together through the International Forum can make all countries learn from one another, with the ultimate goal of improving cancer data worldwide.




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