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The NAACCR V21B Edits Metafile Has Been Posted!

The NAACCR v21B Edits Metafile was posted on 3/15/21. A spreadsheet with descriptions of the changes to the metafile, a spreadsheet showing which edits are in each edit set, and the edit detail report have been posted with the v21B metafile.

The v21B metafile is considered a “minor” release. A minor release means that changes to the metafile primarily consist of corrections to existing edits, new edits to existing data items, and fixes to tables or the layout. A “major” release is when we change from one version of the layout to another. Examples of a major release would be when we went from v18 to v21 or when we go from v21 to v22. For more information about the difference between a minor release and major release see the Developing Central Registry Edits Metafile Manual posted in the Manuals section on the NAACCR Edits page.

On 3/19/21 the Edits WG hosted a workshop for central registry edit metafile administrators. During this workshop we carefully reviewed the v21A to v21B changes spreadsheet, demonstrated how to convert a v21A metafile to v21B, and discussed updating the data dictionary in GenEDITS. The recording of the session, slides, instructions for converting from v21A to v21B, instructions for updating GenEDITS data dictionary, and the Q&A are posted to the v21B section of the NAACCR Edits page. The live session was attended by 53 central registry staff and we have had 31 viewings of the recording as of the first of April.

Work has already begun on the NAACCR V22 edits metafile. This metafile will include edits for new data items, updates to current edits, updates to tables, updates to the layout, and inclusion of new histologies. The v22 edits metafile will be released in mid-August for implementation on January 1, 2022. This will give software vendors 4 full months to integrate the new metafile into their software. It also allows time for central registries to update their central registry specific metafiles and send those metafiles to the software vendors. The ultimate goal is to have everything in place for registrars to start abstracting using v22 on January 1, 2022.

A new website is being developed that will allow central registries to post their registry-specific metafile to a NAACCR website. This will allow central registries to easily share their metafile with reporting facilities within their state, with other central registries, and with software vendors. There will be an option to receive notifications anytime a specific central registry has posted something new to the site. For example, I could sign up to receive an email notification every time the Illinois State Cancer Registry and the Texas Cancer Registry posts something new to the site. We hope this will help facilitate communication between central registries and software vendors.

If you have any questions concerning the NAACCR Edits WG, please email me at jhofferkamp@naaccr.org.


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