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Lori Havener, CTR
Program Manager of Standards
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NAACCR Data Standards and Data Dictionary (Volume II) Version 24 Implementation Timeline  
ActivityMLTG DeadlinesComments
Proposed requests for new data items and revisions requiring field-testing submitted to the Mid-Level Tactical Group (MLTG).2022-07-01 Data items approved by MLTG will be sent to the Uniform Data Standards Work Group (UDS WG) for preliminary review
Note: most new and some changed data items require field testing.
Field testing initiated2022-10-01NAACCR will facilitate field testing
Note: MLTG is currently evaluating the field testing process.
Proposed requests for changes to existing data items that do not require field testing submitted to MLTG for final review.2022-10-01 MLTG may elect to require field test on changes*
Other planned changes (e.g., staging, ICD-O-3.2, SSDI schemas, etc.) reported to MLTG.
MLTG informs the High-Level Strategic Group (HLSG) of all planned changes for 2024.2023-01-01
MLTG transmits new proposed standards to UDS WG for final review and approval.2023-01-01 UDS will review all information provided
Field test results reported to MLTG.2023-03-01
HLSG reviews/approves changes to be implemented in 2024.2023-04-01
HLSG/MLTG transmits new standards approved for implementation to UDS WG2023-04-01 UDS updates NAACCR Data Standards and Data Dictionary (Volume II)
Standard setters provide their requirements for the Data Standards and Data Dictionary, Required Status Table Chapter 8) and the Reportability table (Chapter 3).2023-05-01
UDS WG final review/approval2023-06-01
UDS WG submits NAACCR Data Standards and Data Dictionary (Volume II), Version 24 to the Standardization and Registry Development Steering Committee for review/approval2023-06-15
NAACCR Data Standards and Data Dictionary (Volume II), Version 24 Released2023-07-01
*Changes to existing data items that result from experience in collecting the data, questions received from registrars or reliability studies generally will not require field testing. However, changes to codes made for other reasons may require field testing to ensure that the new codes and coding instructions can be accurately applied in registry settings. Change requests made in October that the MLTG determine need to be field tested may postpone the implementation year.

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