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Samantha Spencer
College of Pathologists


CAP electronic Cancer Checklist (eCC) users are reporting cancer cases across the US.

Over 6500 pathologists across the US and Canada use the College of Pathologists electronic Cancer Checklists (eCC) to report on their diagnostic cancer cases www.cap.org/capecc. The eCC is the electronically implementable and usable version of the CAP Cancer Protocols www.cap.org/cancerprotocols that pathologists can use to create a complete standardized, structured diagnostic cancer report within their LIS workflow. These reports provide critical information about the diagnosis, prognosis, and inform the treatment pathways for patients. The data from these reports is sent to local, state, and national cancer registries, with joint projects currently underway with to better harmonize and automate sending this data to registries.

Hospitals and health systems across the US use the eCC for cancer reporting in 49 out of 50 states, with the number of users growing each year. If you have questions about how the CAP and cancer registries are coordinating to improve cancer reporting, please reach out to capecc@cap.org .





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