Summer 2021 NAACCR Narrative Leave a comment

We hope you had a bit of fun during the 2021 NAACCR Summer Forum guessing the member from a few pictures of the NAACCR community circa 1971. Some of us had already joined the cancer surveillance community at that time and some had a few years of bikes with banana seats, disco albums, or mullets to survive before finding our way.

Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to the winner, Lyn Almon from the New Hampshire State Registry. Here is one last look at the pictures that were submitted. The names are listed below.

1. Sharon Rivera; 2. Lori Koch (with brother Rob Herr); 3. Gary Levin; 4. Ali Johnson; 5. Betsy Kohler; 6. Recinda Sherman; 7. Thomas Tucker; 8. Antoinette (Nan) Stroup; 9. Vivien Chen; 10. Dennis Deapen; 11. Eric (Rocky) Feuer; 12. Rich Pinder; 13. Barbara Murray; 14. Winny Roshala; 15. Regina Hayes Turner; 16. Randi Rycroft; 17. David O’Brien; 18. Jill MacKinnon; 19. Kimberly Stern; 20. Jane Braun; 21. Linda Coyle; 22. Carol Kruchko; 23. Ann Hildebrand; 24. Lois Dickie.


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