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Susan T. Gershman, MS, MPH, PhD, CTR
Massachusetts Cancer Registry

Welcome to the Steering Committee Corner! This column will provide brief Steering Committee updates such as new reports or projects, coding changes, new data standards, requests for priority area network members for specific workgroups, and other information that NAACCR Steering Committees feel the NAACCR community should be aware of.  We hope that this column helps to connect us as we continue to move forward with enhanced cancer surveillance.


Professional Development Steering Committee (PDSC)

Co-Chairs: Frances Ross and Mignon Dryden

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:

  • Work continues on the Survey Course — a series of webinars titled “Understanding Population-Based Cancer Registries” recorded and uploaded to the NAACCR Learning Management System. Paul Fearn and Marina Matatova of the SEER Surveillance Informatics Branch have agreed to develop a series of modules on Cancer Informatics for central cancer registries.
  • Angela Martin, NAACCR Training Specialist, has updated some features of the LMS and will demonstrate the Learning System at the annual meeting in Pittsburgh at the NAACCR exhibit booth.
  • Logistics for the Hackathon, to be held June 9-11, just prior to the NAACCR annual meeting in Pittsburgh, continue to be finalized. A web page has been created and an announcement has been sent via listServe regarding the Hackathon.
  • The NAACCR Member Awards Program has been incorporated as part of the Professional Development Steering Committee activities June 2017. The newest member to our committee, Stephanie Hill, has agreed to take over responsibility for this program in 2018 from Frances Ross, who has led the program for the past 10 years.
  • The committee continues work on the Action Plan for Recruitment and Retention strategies aimed at cancer surveillance personnel, specifically central cancer registrars, cancer informatics staff, student and young investigators. A survey of members was conducted last month in order to quantify and identify specific R&R needs. A presentation of the analysis of the survey results will be shared at the Annual Meeting.


Research and Data Use Steering Committee (RDUSC)

Co-Chairs: Hannah Weir and Susan Gershman


    • Guiding the Way to XML Data Exchange Implementation webinar scheduled for April 26, 2018, 2:00pm -3:30pm ET.
    • SEER Tools webinar to be scheduled.

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:

  • Data Confidentiality Work Group: The group had its first meeting which focused on administrative set/up goal setting. The group will split into 2 groups ( (Research & Data Use and Security/IT) for the majority of work.
  • Cancer Fact Sheet Work Group: State and national level data fact sheets modeled after the One Voice Against Cancer (ASC Advocacy group) handout are under consideration.
  • Secondary data release of registry data ( Paul Pinsky, Eric Miller): This presentation at the MarchRDU Conference Call focused on issues with additional linkages to administrative databases, standard definition of PHI, and whether registries understand the move towards data sharing requirements for NCI funded researcher. Next step is to reach out formally to all PI/program directors at the registries to discuss the issues. Possibly reach out to registries via NAACCR Forum. Castine, Eric, & Paul will re-group and figure out next steps.
  • If you have a suggestion for a journal club or surveillance webinar topics, please contact Hannah Weir (hweir@cdc.gov) or Susan Gershman (gershman@state.ma.us).


Standardization & Registry Development (S&RD)

Chair: Mary Jane King and Lori Koch

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:

  • Work group and task force updates presented to the committee from the SSDI TF, the ICD-O-3 WG, and the UDS WG.
  • Edits Impact TF has been disbanded.
  • Currently reviewing recommendations from the Registry of the Future workshop, specifically timeliness of reporting and new and emerging data sources.

Recent Reports/Publications:

  • The Assessment of Central Cancer Registries Timeliness and Reporting Standards TF report has been submitted to the NAACCR Board for approval.



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