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Susan T. Gershman, MS, MPH, PhD, CTR
Massachusetts Cancer Registry

Welcome to the Steering Committee Corner! This column will provide brief Steering Committee updates such as new reports or projects, coding changes, new data standards, requests for priority area network members for specific workgroups, and other information that NAACCR Steering Committees feel the NAACCR community should be aware of.  We hope that this column helps to connect us as we continue to move forward with enhanced cancer surveillance.


Communications Steering Committee (CSC)

Co-Chairs: Laura Ruppert

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:

  • XML workgroup messaging roll-outs.
  • Web site search engine optimization project is in process to improve search capabilities.
  • NAACCR Narrative new design rolled out to positive reviews.
  • Social Media Campaigns
    – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Cancer Conference.
    – Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) and Lung Cancer Awareness Month (November).

Recent Reports/Publications:

  • Frank Boscoe had an article in the NAACCR Narrative.
  • Hannah Weir had a report on the NAACCReview Blog Site that highlighted several reports.

Other News to share with the NAACCR Community’ PAN interests:

  • Committee will be active with World Cancer Day 2018. Staff have worked with World Cancer Day organizers in planning process since October 2017.

Professional Development Steering Committee (PDSC)

Co-Chairs: Frances Ross and Mignon Dryden

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:  See separate article

Research and Data Use Steering Committee (RDUSC)

Co-Chairs: Hannah Weir and Susan Gershman


  • SEER Tools webinar to be scheduled.

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:

  • Cancer Control Indicators Task Force: Working with NCI to incorporate Confidence Intervals for interpreting the ranking using the NCI CI*Rank prior to releasing.
  • Confidentiality Task Force:  The task force will review materials and update what is on the web.  Other issues include hashed data for linkages and spatial data.  A conference call is scheduled for January 2018.
  • Cancer Fact Sheet Work Group: This group is developing state cancer fact sheets to promote state and national level cancer surveillance education and advocacy.  Additional state-level facts will be developed to assist states in fulfilling NPCR grant requirements.
  • Hannah Weir was one of the editors of, Cancer, Volume 123 /  Issue 24, December 15, 2017 Supplement to Cancer: Population-Based Cancer Survival in the United States (2001-2009):  Findings From the CONCORD-2 Study.
  • If you have a suggestion for a journal club or surveillance webinar topics, please contact Hannah Weir ( or Susan Gershman (

Standardization & Registry Development (S&RD)

Chair: Mary Jane King and Lori Koch

Committee Highlights since last Narrative:

  • Completed a revised charter and work plan.
  • Requesting all task forces and work groups complete similar documents and attend a steering committee meeting to give an update on their task force or work group’s progress.
  • Provided the NAACCR Board with a recommendation to fully implement the XML format along with a proposed timeline.
  • XML FAQ and blog now established on NAACCR site,
  • Currently reviewing recommendations from the Registry of the Future Workshop.



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