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Mary Potts, RHIA, CPA, CTR
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Learn by Doing: Informing the Standard Setters

SEER is the standard setter for Extent of Disease (EOD) and Summary Stage 2018. Through SEER*Educate, SEER is making available the near-final draft documentation for EOD 2018 and Summary Stage 2018, along with over 250 coding exercises focused on the four new data items: EOD Primary Tumor, EOD Regional Node, EOD Mets, and Summary Stage 2018. The coding form look-ups use the documentation from the SEER*RSA, which is how software vendors will populate look-ups in hospital and central registry products.

We encourage trainers and quality control coordinators at central registries to take an early look at these cases, particularly for the high volume sites: breast, colon and rectum, lung, melanoma, prostate, and urinary bladder. Use the “Contact Us” feature in SEER*Educate to submit questions or comments about the disagreements you may have with the current preferred answer.

Issues identified with the coding guidelines and/or schema will be submitted to SEER to potentially update the EOD/Summary Stage manuals prior to the national release of the final versions later in 2018. This is your opportunity to identify errors, omissions, and ambiguities in the draft documentation.

SEER*Educate is a web-based training platform for students and cancer registry professionals to learn and assess technical skills related to coding guidelines and concepts.  It is a jointly funded project sponsored by the NCI and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  (NCI Contract Number HHSN26120100029C)



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