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Lori Havener, CTR
NAACCR Program Manager of Standards



Standards Volume II, Version 18

The NAACCR Data Standards and Data Dictionary, Version 18 was released March 2, 2018. There have been several changes since the initial release of the Data Standards and Data Dictionary, Version 18. All of the changes since the release are documented in the change log that is available on the same website as the Data Standards and Data Dictionary. The change log identifies the date of the change, the data item number, data item name, the field that was changed, the change that was made and a column for notes.


2018 Implementation Guidelines

A draft of the NAACCR 2018 Implementation Guidelines (IG) document has been posted to the NAACCR 2018 Implementation Information webpage.  This draft version includes compiled information provided by the standard setting agencies, NAACCR stakeholders, relevant committees, work groups and task forces. The sections (7.1 and Appendix B) for which information is pending are identified with a placeholder.  These sections will be updated as information becomes available.

Some of the links to key references are not included in this draft; however, they will be included in the final document version. For example, when the Site-Specific Data Item Manual is final the link to the manual will be added to the IG.

Beyond the addition of the missing sections, the IG Task Force members do not anticipate any substantive changes. The final IG version will be reviewed by the Standardization and Registry Development Steering Committee and NAACCR Board prior to being posted to the NAACCR Implementation Guidelines page on the NAACCR web site.

We wish to thank all the members of the IG Task Force for their hard work and countless hours to produce this draft version. We hope that this draft is informative and useful, until such time that the final IG version is posted.


XML Data Exchange Format

The XML Data Exchange Work Group is hosting a webinar, Guiding the Way to XML Data Exchange Implementation, on April 26th at 2:00 pm ET. Isaac Hands, XML Data Exchange Work Group Chair, will discuss the XML data exchange standard giving a brief history and the reasons we are moving to XML, a review of the XML software tools and libraries, and the implementation timeline.

A plan to implement the XML data exchange standard was approved by the NAACCR Board. The NAACCR Plan to Implement XML is posted on the NAACCR website.


Standards Volume II, Version 19:

NAACCR is advocating to keep 2019 changes to a minimum. However, it is imperative that folks review the 2019 Implementation Timeline below if there are any planned changes for 2019.

NAACCR Deadlines
Considerations/suggestions to meet NAACCR deadlines
Proposed requests-for-change (new and changed data items) submitted to the Change Management Board (CMB)October 1, 20171. Complete request-for-change forms for new and changed data items; submit to the Change Management Board by October 1, 2017.
Requests-for-change final review/approval by CMB and other groups as needed (e.g., UDS)December 1, 20171. Coordinate with CMB to ensure communication with stakeholders.
2. Final requests are submitted to the UDS WG for review and inclusion in to Standards Volume II.
Convene NAACCR 2019 Implementation Guidelines Task ForceApril 1, 20181. Materials for NAACCR Standards Volume II must be in final format for the Task Force to develop the implementation guidelines.
2. Final versions of mapping and/or conversions.
UDS Work Group reviews and updates Standards Volume IIMay 20181. Assumes completion of all requests for changes to existing data items and requests of new data items.
Finalize NAACCR Standards Volume II and submit to NAACCR Board for review/approvalJune 1, 20181. UDS final approval at May 2018 UDS meeting.
NAACCR Standards Volume II ReleasedJuly 1, 2018
NAACCR 2019 Implementation Guidelines ReleasedAugust 1, 2018
EDITS metafile releaseSeptember 1, 20181. EDITS Work Group will have begun development of edits metafile by February 2018.
Education and trainingOngoing as material becomes available1. For 2019 implementation: develop and implement educational materials by summer 2018.
ImplementationJanuary 1, 2019




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